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I used to hate selling, and sales people. My first businesses failed because I didn’t like selling, and I couldn’t sell. And without sales and selling, you don’t have a business.

A few years later whilst working with a large tech company I discovered that you could get amazing results by Selling With Heart, Soul and Humanity. Even when the economy was bad.

You could have fantastic results and do it without being “salesey” or “pushy” or feeling “grubby”. You could do it ethically AND it was fun! That’s when my business really began to turn.

Since then and discovering just how conventional sales approaches no longer work, I’ve made it my mission to bring this philosophy and approach to as many people and businesses as I can.

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Grow Your Sales

Grow your sales more quickly, more cheaply, more easily and with less risk and competition. Get more clients and keep the ones you have.

Reduce Your Costs

Avoid wasted efforts on prospects that are a poor fit, and opportunities that aren’t good enough. Close more business more quickly.

Manage Your Risks

Reduce the chances of objections from prospects, of competition from others in a crowded market, and increase chances of closing, and getting paid on time.



There are many ways to benefit from the mindset, skills and tools that make up the Selling With Heart, Soul and Humanity ecosystem. And there are many ways to benefit from my experiences of implementing Selling With Heart, Soul and Humanity over a decade plus. Not just how to do it, but also how not to do it… all the little pitfalls to avoid, tricks to use to accelerate things. And there’s something for practically every budget, every schedule and time line. It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi billion dollar operation or one person just getting started with a new or growing business from home.


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Training and courses for
you or your sales team…
in how to Sell With Heart,
Soul and Humanity –
theory and practice.


Coaching for you or your
team – practice, mastery,
making progress with live
accounts & opportunities,
seeing results right away.


Speaking at your team or
sales year kickoff events.
How Selling With Heart,
Soul and Humanity is
making a real difference.

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We are committed to helping people and businesses make a difference, at any and all levels.

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